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 inuyasha the never ending story

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nina argostabyss

nina argostabyss

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PostSubject: inuyasha the never ending story   Fri Jul 24, 2009 11:31 pm

The Never Ending Story
it was Thursday and i was waiting impatiantly for my twin brother before went name is Miroku. he has a problem with the 400 girls that attend to Betta High. he thinks he has to grope at least 25 butts aday.

it took him 10 minutes to finaly catch up with me. "hey sis. did you know that there is some new kids?"

"really? i wonder where they came from. how do you know?"

"well it's kinda obvious that it's a girl and we ran into each other. i asked for her name and iit is sango. she has a brother named .....shoot i forgot! oh yeah it's kouga. he caught me flirting." he looked kinda embarrassed which wasnt like him.

"oh, so that is why you have a bumb on your head?"


Ayame came up to us all perky and happy. she was real bouncy and her curly pigtails were flying every were. she was jumping pretty considering she is a wolf demon. "hiya" her singsong voice cheerfully said.

i laughed by her cheerfullness. "why are you so Happy?"

"have you heard about the knew kid, Kouga? well he asked me out and guess what i said? YES!!" she talked so she didnt even lett me anwer. this guy must be hot.

"WHAT. he can date but his sister cant. that is just messed up in so many ways." Miroku screamed.

"hey ayame"said a voice from behind.

we all turned around to see a tall dark wolf demon cooly walking towards us. Miroku tensed and Ayame this must be kouga. "hey Kouga what are you doing here?" Ayame asked. Her face turned crimson red when she say him walk up to us.

"I came too walk my darling home. I saw this perverted monk with you so i came too make sure he doesn't touch you." he looked at Miroku like he was a disease. this is going to be a long walk.

"oh you've met Miroku?" Kouga nodded "well this is his twin sister Kagome. My BFF."me and ayame giigled while kouga and Miroku looked confused."Best Friend Forever."we said in unison. they didnt look very surprised. We walked and talked about the same things we normally do. well, Kouga told us about himself and a girl came up from behind us.

"Hey Sango!" Kouga and Miroku said. oh, so that is she is pretty. i can see why my brother likes her. she move with such glide.(if that makes scince). the two "men" looked at each other furiously.

as we walked passed the park my other brother, Shippo caught up to us with his girlfriend Aphrodite. she is Rin and Inuyasha's sister. Shippo and Aphrodite are a year younger than us and Aphrodite is on a couple of my teams. Not but about 2 minutes passed when we heard laughter. oh great a rin and Seshomaru the smart people of our little group. inuyasha was rite behind them looking disgusted. Maybe cuz rin is his sister. "would yall stop that its disgusting. i cant stand being with yall cuz its embarrasin." he said frustrated.

"well, i cant stand being seen with you so deal with it!"Rin snapped

Sesshomaru is Ayame's older brother. it is kinda complicated the way our group works. And now Ayame has o Boyfriend. so me and Miroku are all alone with no date. well i guess just me now. Miroku is now behind us with sango who is blushing like crazy.

"So Kogome hows it been goin?" oh ya i forgot about inuyasha, he isnt dating either. Cool im not alone.

"The usual, walking with yall and pretending im listening." Every1 knows i do that but they dont mind. I guess cuz its always been that way.

"Oh, so i was kinda wondering... Well if you wanna.... I thought maybe we could you know" gosh ive never heard him sound like that he is usuall y so smooth at asking girls out. i mean ive been ccrushing on him since like 2nd grade.

"Yes, Inuyasha?" i said it at the right tone to get every1 to look at us. I guess InuYasha noticed cuz he put his arm around me and turned us around.

"Well, how can i put this? Ok, do you wanna go to the moivie friday?" He said blushing

I thought about it for a moment. "Sure!"I had to make sure it sounded like i was ecxited. And i was.

"Ok, i'll pick you up around 7:00?"

"Its a date!"his face got even redder when i daid the word "date". When we turned around every1 was heading home acting like thay wernt listening, but i knew they were.

Sango was a quiet person and that usually isnt Miroku's type. And Kouga he was strong and he signed up for the baskettball team and the track team.

Shippo and Aphrodite were giggling behind us. Aphrodite is my little sister and Shippo is Ayames little really liked each other.

Another voice came up from behind us. Oh No. i know that voice, I hate that voice, and i despise that voice. "Hey, my little leches" Naraku came up and put his arm aroun me and Ayame. we both slapped him while Inuyasha and Kouga growled. "wow, fiesty, i like it!" his girlfriend Kagura looked like she was going to kill him. I mean its not like its a bad thing.

He looked at me and Ayame and we looked back in disgust, and I had an idea. I smilled sweetly and walked up to him. I pushed my body up against him. Inuyasha Growled again and Kagura, saw us and i said "you like it?" he looked at me practiclly drooling and nodded. "Well, YOU CANT HAVE IT!" i yelled at him then kneed him in just th e right place.

He screamed so loud we all had to cover our ears, well, i do kick pretty hard. the funny thing is, is that he screams like a girl.

We started walking again and I noticed Kagura helping Naraku up and staring daggers at me. I laughed and turned around. Ayame and Seshomaru were the first to leave the walked them to the door, obviously. but we kept walking and talking, until it was just me and Miroku.

"So youre finally going out with Inuyasha huh?" he had a sly smirk on his face.

"Ya, and youre going out with sango now. I hope you know that Kouga will kill you if you hurt her. He is pretty strong." i retorted.

"Kagome, when i first saw her I felt that she was different than the other girls. I mean, I feel like i would do anything for her" He said dozing off.

"Well, i dont know what to tell you. does she like you?" I asked.

"I hope she does, she blushes evey time i approach her"Miroku was acting kind of funny. he wasnt walking in his usuall smooth step or winking at every girl we passed.

we walked insiid and Shippo went to the kitchen, as usuall, I went to my room, as usuall, and Miroku watched T.V, as usuall.
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inuyasha the never ending story
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