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 Sharon's Aventures with the Gems

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PostSubject: Sharon's Aventures with the Gems   Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:50 am

Chapter 1 Beginning or the End?
I woke up; I got dressed in my regular clothes; A Blue vest, a matching blue shirt, a blue skirt, with my black shoes. I walked downstairs, and greeted my service robot that Dexter made for me.
“Hey Fringe” I greeted my robot “Can you get Mandy on the screen?” I asked and sat down in my chair and drank my orange juice.
“Right away Sharon” Fringe said, and hovered over to a touchpad. He typed something in and Sapphire came up on the screen.
“Fringe, that isn’t Mandy, That’s Sapphire.” I corrected him “Hey Sapphire, Sorry Fringe typed the wrong name in.”
“No problem Sharon. See you at school!” Sapphire said, as the screen blacked out.
“Now Fringe, Please get me online with Mandy!” I said as I crunched down on a piece of toast. And then wiped my mouth with a napkin.
“Right away!” Fringe said and typed another thing on the touch screen, and then Mandy appeared.
“Mandy finally!” I said, glaring at Fringe.
“Hey Sharon what’s going on?” Mandy asked in her usual tone. I could tell Billy did something wrong again.
“Billy again?” I asked, and giggled, I got up and held the screen in my hand and walked upstairs. “So Mandy what’d he do know?”
“Who? Billy? He’s being stoopid as usual…” Mandy said, she was staring at Billy who was jumping up and down on his bed. “He’s being himself”
“Ha ha, I guess Billy doesn’t know much when it comes to getting ready for school.” I joked. And I walked back downstairs. “Bye Fringe” I waved and put on my Backpack and met my friend outside,
“Bye Sharon I got to go to school” Mandy sighed and logged off
“So Sapphire have you heard from Topaz?” I asked.
“No I haven’t, I’m starting to get worried.” Sapphire said, she sighed as we walked down the road.
Sapphire and Topaz are my two Best friends Its weird how they’re names are Gems and mine isn’t My other friend is D.J. DJ stands for Dominic Joseph, He was my first friend.
“So where’s Dominic?” Sapphire asked, holding her books casually. She was staring at me.
“Dunno. Probably waiting for us at school” I replied. We arrived at the front door. Dominic waved.
“Hey DJ. Want to go on an adventure with me and Sapphire; we’re going to look for Topaz.” I greeted him as I shook his hand and I giggled as he told me something about his day.
“Uh oh!” Sapphire said as she walked up to the front door, something didn’t seem right…
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PostSubject: Re: Sharon's Aventures with the Gems   Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:51 am

Chapter 2 Fiend or Friend?
“I think we’re out of school early!” Sapphire shouted as she point to something green in the school.
“C’mon! We got to check this out!” I said, smiling slyly I opened the door and saw something that looked like Mandy, but it was green.
“I haven’t used my powers for a while,” Sapphire said. You see my friend Sapphire is a Pyronite. She can control fire but she hasn’t used her powers since her fight with Vilgax. “Ok Come on we have to get to Room 405.”
My communicator rang. “Sharon, you have to get out of that school now!” Bubbles and Blossom beeped in at the same time.
“Why?” I answered. “Sorry I’m in a mood right now.” I sighed.
“It’s alright silly.” Bubbles giggled. “Can you get to Dex-labs?” Blossom asked.
“Sure! Dominic? Sapphire we got to go to Dexlabs.” I spoke to them with a grin. We looked around then made a run for it, but the green Mandy Spotted us.
“Thought you could get away eh?” The green Mandy laughed. Then shoot some Green balls at us. They burned really bad. Sapphire took one of the shoots in the back. She fell with a thud.
“Sapphire!” Dominic and I shouted at the same time “Get Sapphire out of here I got this creep!” I said I stood right in front of the green Mandy It was like a Country stare down.
I jumped at her and I tackled her to the ground. “You’re a fiend! Not a Friend!” I shouted and then I saw my only hope. A pen and a pencil. “Ha! Maybe school can be fun!” I said and back flipped. Then I grabbed the pen and squirted the Ink in her face. “Ugh! I have failed you….” She started but she couldn’t finish because she was defeated.
“Failed who?” I asked myself. A mini version of my friend popped out. Bubbles beeped in again on the communicator, “Wow! You’ve made yourself a Mandy nano!!” Bubbles giggled. “Your tough kid!” We could use you in the KND.” A voice from behind me said.
“I’ll have to think about that. By the way who are you?” I asked and turned around to see a boy and a girl.
“I’m Wally, but you can call me Numbuh 4!” The boy in the orange sweatshirt said.
“I’m Kuki Sanban! You can call me Kuki or Numbuh 3!” The girl with the green shirt that had sleeves that covered her arms.
“Nice to meet you, Wally, Kuki.” I said. “But I have to get to Dexlabs. By any chance do you know where that is?” I asked. “My friends left while I defeated a Green version of one of my closest friends.”
“You’re very resourceful.” Kuki said.
“Thank you.” I said.
“Well we’re heading to Dexlabs to if you want you can come with us.” Wally said. “your friends should already be there. We passed them on our way.”
“Great let’s go!!” I said
At Dexlabs.
“Ok Dex we’re here and we brought her.” Wally said and pointed to me.
“Great! Bring her over here! She and her friends have to stay here. For now” Dexter said.
“Uhh what’s going on here?” I asked.
“It’s a conference. You have a Speech to think of!” Kuki said and she walked over to a table were She, Wally, Abby, and Nigel signed a paper.
“DJ! Sapphire!” I shouted and ran over to them.
“I heard that your one of the People who gets to give a speech.” DJ said. He gave me and Sapphire a Hi-five. “Best friends always, together forever!” I and my friends said at the same time.
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PostSubject: Re: Sharon's Aventures with the Gems   Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:52 am

Chapter 3 the Speech
“Hee Hee, You and your friends are really close!” Kuki said. She walked over here. “The conference will start in about 30 minutes.” Kuki reminded me. She walked off to join Numbuh 4 and Numbuh 5.
“Ok The speech list is, right here.” Dexter began.
“Ben Tennyson,
Numbuh 3,
And last but not least,
Sharon Silver.” Dexter finished the list.
“You were serious! I have to give a speech?!” I shouted. Pacing back and forth me and Sapphire actually did it we came up with a great speech.
Soon after Ben was done it was Dexter, then me. My heart was beating as fast as a speeding rabbit on a highway.
“Now please welcome Sharon Silver!” Dexter shouted in the microphone he walked off the steps while I walked up them.
“H-Hello everyone, I’m Sharon Silver.” I began. “This war is everything! We can do our best; our best might be good enough too. I now we can do it but we can’t do it alone we will need some help from our friends, So DJ and Sapphire come on up here!”
“Hi I’m Sapphire, and I’m DJ. This war will be one of the best we have! Let’s make it count!” I and my friends shouted. Me and my friends walked away from the podium. Dexter walked back up.
“We have the tools you have the talent!” Dexter shouted and everyone clapped. Even I and my friends clapped.
“Great work kid, Your KND material.” Wally said as he walked up to me.
“Yeah! You did a really good job on the speech.” Kuki said as she walked up to me.
“Thanks guys, Sapphire and DJ helped though.” I said, I was hungry but I didn’t want to tell them.
“So, you have any other friends?” Wally asked me but I was sure how to respond.
“No I don’t. Where are me and my friends going to stay for the night?” I asked. Hoping I could go back home to tell Mandy and Fringe about my day.
“You can go home, but be careful.”Dexter interrupted. “Take these.” Dexter said and handed me and my friends hover boards.
“Thanks Dex!” I said. “Come on guys!” I shouted and we rode down to our homes.
“Hey Fringe I’m back from school!” I called for my robot. “Sharon finally your home!” Fringe called and hovered over to me. “I Need Mandy now.” I told him sternly
“Alright Sharon.” Fringe said and typed “MANDY” on the touchpad. Mandy appeared. She was in her usual tone and state.
“Hey Sharon,” She said staring at Billy who was shouting “DESTROYUSALL! DESTROYUSALL!” Billy shouted.
“Hey Mandy, You will not believe what happened to me!” I shouted. I walked upstairs so Fringe couldn’t hear.
“Wow that happened to you?” She asked.
“Yeah! I’m tired right now so I’m going to get some sleep.” I spoke with a yawn.
“Ok See you later Sharon come see me tomorrow morning Kay?” Mandy said and the cube went black. Fringe came up.
“I’m proud of you Sharon; you defeated a green Mandy that posed a threat it won’t anymore!” fringe said “Get in your Night gown. Dexter wants you tomorrow.”
“How do you know?” I asked
“DUH! I’m his robot Sharon, Goodnight.” Fringe chuckled. And went downstairs and Dexter turned off power for all Robots.
I quickly went in the bathroom; I brushed my teeth washed my hands and Put my hair in a ponytail so it wouldn’t get tangled in the morning. I quickly changed into my Black nightgown and walked back in my room with a glass of water. I crawled under the covers and quickly fell asleep. I had a dream though.
In my Dream.
“ That girl will be mine.” A voice said, sounding like it was holding a grudge.
“Which girl?” Another voice asked.
“Sharon Silver.” The voice Chuckled evilly. That’s as far as I got until I woke up screaming my heart was beating a mile a minute. I couldn’t get back to sleep.
“Sharon!” Fringe shouted as he hovered up here as fast as he could. “What happened?” He asked me.
“I had a nightmare that’s all.” I said “I’m going to go back to sleep you should to” I told him.
“Alright Sharon Call me if you need me.” He said. He hovered back into the kitchen and began preparing Breakfast for the next morning.
“I’ll go write in my journal.” I told myself “That’ll calm me down”
So I hurried over to my desk and sat down in the chair I grabbed a black book and a pen. I wrote,
“Dear Journal, It’s been a while since I wrote. I defeated a Green Mandy today than when I got back I went to bed and had the strangest dream actually a nightmare It had a lot of voices but I heard my name called in my dream. It was extremely scary because I had green skin and red eyes. I thought I was a goner. Thanks To Fringe I woke up He comforted me, now I’m writing in this journal I don’t want to have that dream again but I probably will. I’ll handle it. Mandy taught me how to handle nightmares Oh Fringe is coming got to go!” I quickly wrote and dove under the covers and quickly fell back asleep.
The dream came back.
“Mwahahahahahahahahaha” I heard evil laughing in my dream. I followed it from where it was coming from.
I didn’t wake up at all after that.
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PostSubject: Re: Sharon's Aventures with the Gems   Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:53 am

Chapter 4 the Dream or Nightmare?
I woke up late that night. Voices inside my head I put on my slippers and walked downstairs.
“Fringe?” I whispered “Good he’s not awake” I walked down into the kitchen and saw Fringe asleep.
“I might as well go back to bed.” I yawned. I tiptoed upstairs there was a storm raging. “How can I get to sleep?” I asked myself.
I walked back upstairs and decided to call Bubbles.
“Hey Bubbles, sorry I woke you up.” I sighed. “I’m having a hard time getting to sleep”
“It’s alright me and Blossom was trying to track Buttercup anyway.” Bubbles said. She sighed. “Want to help?”
“Of course!” I said. “Come to my house but come through the window”
“Kay, we’ll be right there.” Bubbles said “Come on Blossom! Sharon will help us find Buttercup!”
Blossom and Bubbles flew to my home at Genius Grove. “Sharon we’re here!” Bubbles tapped on my window.
“Come on in.” I ran up to my window and opened it, Bubbles flew in first and saw a few books a telescope ad my green clothes. Blossom flew in and saw my green covered clothes.
“Are those your clothes?” Blossom and Bubbles asked.
“Yeah I and Sapphire took a Fusion Matter ball straight in the back. It really burned.” I said and rubbed my back.
“Let’s track Buttercup” Bubbles said and with that we spent the rest of the night looking through books we even called Mojo Jojo to see if he saw anything. We finally came up with a solution but we wanted to run it by Dexter first.
“Do you guys want to stay here for the night?” I asked them. I Walked over to my secret door and pulled it and a bunk bed came out.
“Wow. This place is cool. Let’s call the Prof. first though.” Blossom said and got out her communicator. “Hey Prof? Can we stay at Sharon’s for the night?” Blossom asked. “Yay! Thanks Prof!” Bubbles and Blossom said.
“Get to bed I want to get to Dexlabs early.” I said and crawled back under my covers. Bubbles went in the Bathroom and changed into her Light blue dress her hair was down she looked amazing!
“Bubbles, You look great with your hair down” I said.
“Yes she does.” Blossom said. She was still in her regular clothes. “I better go change” Blossom said hovering out of the room and into the bathroom where she washed her face and she get into her pink nightgown she had her hair down as well.
“You both look amazing with your hair down. Well we better get some sleep” I said and quickly fell asleep.
“Goodnight Sharon” Bubbles said and got into the top bunk with Blossom on the bottom bunk. My dog ran in and began barking, my dog jumped onto the top bunk with Bubbles and curled up right next to her. My cat did the same thing but went next to Blossom.
“Goodnight again Sharon” Bubbles giggled and went back to sleep. I was already asleep so I didn’t answer. “Goodnight Sharon” Blossom said.
Bubbles and Blossom quickly fell asleep.
I kept having that dream it was trying to tell me something I just didn’t know what it was.
Bubbles got up for a glass of water. But that’s practically the only thing that happened that night.
Blossom was so tired she didn’t wake up “She’s a heavy sleeper” Bubbles said to herself and went back to sleep.
It was a quiet night everything was so peaceful.

At Topaz's house.
Topaz was no where to be seen.
All her projects wre in there place its like Topaz disappeared.
A few voices were there but they sounded friendly.
(Author's Note: Topaz's Place wasjust an Intrduction I'll be using it more later.)
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PostSubject: Re: Sharon's Aventures with the Gems   Sat Jul 25, 2009 11:54 am

Chapter 5 Going Under
At Topaz’s House.
“Where could Topaz be?” A voice asked.
“I don’t know Terror Caster” another voice said.
“I told you to call me TC” Terrorcaster said.
“Sorry, I’m used of your full name.” The voice said.
“It’s alright we better get back to Dexlabs” TC said.
In a secluded area.
“Let me go!” A voice said it sounded like Topaz, she was struggling apparently she was tied up.
“Not happening my dear” A voice said and laughed evilly.
Back with me.
“Wake up sleepy head!” Bubbles said and opened my windows. She went over to Blossom and nudged her out of her sleep.
“I’m awake. Fringe is probably up.” I said.
“I call bathroom first!” Bubbles said, she walked inside the bathroom and put on her blue dress and put her hair up. She came out. She sat down on my desk chair and found my Journal on the desk it was open, so she started reading it. She read it to herself. “Today is 5/5/07 Dear Journal, I got really hurt today, and nothing is going right. Topaz has disappeared. My powers disappeared. Dominic has left town for a week. I lost one of my friends; I might as well lie down and never wake up.” That’s as far as she read.
Blossom went in the bathroom and changed into her pink dress and her black shoes. She had her hair in her Red hair bow. I went in next and I changed into my new outfit; a black vest a pink Hair ribbon Black shoes, Red pants, and a red shirt.
“New outfit?” Bubbles asked giggling.
“Yeah it looks great!” Blossom said. Then we all went downstairs to eat breakfast.
“Hey Fringe what’s for breakfast!?” Bubbles asked.
“Waffles, toast and orange juice” I answered. “It’s all we ever have.” I giggled. So did Blossom and Bubbles.
“I see cereal!” Bubbles said as she walked over to a cabinet and we all saw a Box of fruity pebbles.
“Fringe? When did we get those?” I asked him and I walked over to another cabinet and got out three bowls. I poured the cereal in the bowls.
“Yummy.” Me, Blossom and Bubbles munched on our cereal. “I have to go to Mandy’s place I’ll meet you guys at Dexlabs later.”
“Ok, see you later Sharon!” Blossom said. “Come on Bubbles let’s get to Dexlabs.”
Blossom and Bubbles flew out of my house in the direction towards Tech Square. While I walked to Endsville.
“Mandy? Billy? Grim?” I Asked I walked around a bit. I saw Irwin and Puddin’
“Hey Irwin, where is your friend Billy?” I asked him.
“Yo, He’s in his house, yo!” Irwin said with a gangster accent.
“Ok…” I walked up to Billy’s house. I knocked on the door. Mandy answered the door.
“Hey Sharon come upstairs.” Mandy said. We walked upstairs. There were some picture frames with no pictures in it.
“Hey Billy!” I greeted. I looked around his room was cool I guess.
“DESTROYUSALL! DESTROYUSALL!! DESTROYUSALL!!!” Was all Billy said until Mandy grabbed his arm.
“Thanks Mandy I needed that” Billy said. He got off his bed and put on his red baseball cap.
“Yeah whatever” Mandy said and went to go read a magazine.
“Billy, why do you keep saying Destroyusall?” I asked him. I sat down at his desk chair.
“It’s a monster!” Billy said and pointed out his window. I rolled my eyes, but I went over to the window to look anyway.
“Wow your actually right for once” I said I was amazed.
“Ok, Sharon, Call me if you need anything.” Mandy said. She led me back downstairs and she actually gave me a hug. Mandy was a tough girl, but she has a sweet side once in a while, but she only showed it towards me since I am kind of like a sister to her.
“Be careful. Ok?” Mandy said. Then she walked back upstairs and went back to being tough again.
I rode down the street on my hover board to the Nuclear Plant. I saw it had been infected too.
“I just got lucky last time when I defeated Fusion Mandy” I told myself. “But I wonder what Marvelous Fusion is waiting for me this time.”
I picked up my hover board, I figure Bubbles, Dexter and Blossom could wait.
“Get me inside the infected Zone please” I told the Dexbot. He warped me in without even a problem.
“Dexter she has entered the Nuclear Plant infected Zone.” The Dexbot said into a microchip.
“Ok I’ll get Numbuh 4 and Numbuh 3 down there.” Dexter said into another microchip. He paged Numbuh 3 and Numbuh 4. “Kuki, Wally. Sharon is at Nuclear Plant infected zone apparently she’s looking for another fusion to destroy go help her.” Dexter told them
“Right away mate!” Wally said and with that he and Kuki ran down from Genius Grove. They arrived in Endsville and soon made their way to the Nuclear Plant Infected Zone.
“Get us in there!” Kuki said. Soon they were in the Infected Zone to. Wally saw me making my way across.
“She’ll never make it!” Wally shouted He and Kuki destroyed most of the gear goons. They saw me make my way to the fusion portal.
“How do I get in?!” I asked myself. I jumped on it a few times. Then I touched it the tentacles pulled me down.
“Ouch that hurt!” I said. I walked through the Fusion’s lair.
“Dexter we’re too late; she found a way into a fusion portal.” Wally reported. He sighed. “Let’s hope she can handle herself.”
I finished destroying the rest of the Weird welders.
“All that’s left is fusion Fuzzy.” I said. I walked down I saw Prof. Utonium.
“Prof! What’re you doing down here??” I asked and ran over to him.
“Fusion Fuzzy captured me.” He replied dazed.
“Don’t worry I’ll take care of Fusion Fuzzy” I said I ran at Fusion Fuzzy and tackled him. Fusion Fuzzy kicked me off him. I hit the wall I landed I was really hurt.
“Give up yet?” The fusion laughed. He ran at me and punched me hard; Fusion Matter started flowing through my body.
“AHHHH!” I yelled in pain.
Luckily Wally and Kuki found their way down here.
“Sharon!” Wally yelled.
“Sharon!!” Kuki shouted. They both ran at the fusion and Tackled him Wally began Punching him.
I blacked out I heard voices. Kuki and Wally were still battling the fusion.
The fusion dissolved when the Wally and Kuki were finished.
“Let’s get her to Dexlabs.” A voice said I couldn’t tell who it was. I was being lifted up.
“Good call Gwen.” Another voice said.
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PostSubject: Re: Sharon's Aventures with the Gems   

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Sharon's Aventures with the Gems
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